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8' Red or Green Slide

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8' Red or Green Climbing Frame Slide
This Pretty Red or Green Wavy Slide is 8' long and is perfect for any climbing frame, tree house, playhouse in your garden. The slide is very easy to install and comes with two pre-drilled holes for attaching to your existing climbing frame or platform. 
The 8' Red or Green Children's Garden Water Slide is an exciting ride for your child, The wavy shape of the child's slide makes this more exciting compared to a standard straight slide. The end of the slide is raised to slow you down and so that you don't end up sitting on the ground or even worse a puddle. The slide can be fitted to any 1.2m platform and it's easy to install, simply use the countersunk screw holes provided (you will need to provide your own 5-6mm countersunk screws to attach).