Arundel Twin Climbing Frame

Arundel Twin Climbing Frame

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Arundel Twin Climbing Frame
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Arundel Twin Climbing Frame
The Arundel Twin Climbing Frame is one of our most popular climbing frames. Adding an extra tower to a climbing frame completely changes the way children play - giving them more variety, increasing their imaginations and most importantly their enjoyment. The layout is flexible, so if you garden is long but slightly narrower it can work just as well. Even if you are thinking your children may be a little young for something like this - it has a specially made staircase which is easy to climb for the tiniest of people and additional baby seats can be bought for the swing if you need them.
Why Buy?
Great for younger children, but just as much fun for older children with more challenging elements - a great all round frame for a variety of ages or something which will keep your child's interest as they grow.

The two towers linked with a clatter bridge give a whole new way to play - they can run over/under/throw things off etc for hours of fun!

The sandpit gives an added creative play element - suitabl;e for a variety of ages while the commando net gives a more adventurous feel for the older ones.

Includes two swings and an additional swing hanger for multiple use, can take different swing attachments (bought separately).

All Climbing Frame parts are pre-cut and pre-drilled and the wood is pressure treated so is built to last.
What's in the Box?
2 Wooden Towers - 90cm (3ft) square
Wooden Roofs for the Towers - highest point being 3.15m
2 Wooden Platforms - 90cm (3ft) square, 1.5m high
Green Plastic Wavy Slide - 3m (10ft) long
Wooden Access Ladder & Wooden Staircase
Wooden Double Swing Arm
2 Adjustable Pine Wood Swing Seats
Wooden Clatterbridge
Commando Climbing Net - approx. 1m (w) x 3m (h)
Wooden Balustrades for four sides (59.5cm high)
Instructions & Fixings