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Climbing Stones Green and Red
These green climbing footholds and handholds can be added to your tree house, climbing frame or any other play equipment. The climbing stones will create a way to access a tower or tree sing a very popular method - bouldering. The stones will present a challenge as well as help improve coordination and balance. Made from poly-resin with metal washers inserted, these stones come with hexagonal socket head cap screws, drive-in nuts and screws in order for you to attach securely to your chosen surface (screws provided are only suitable for wooden surfaces).
Why Buy
Easy to install on your chosen wooden surface - simply drill an 11mm hole using a drill, place the drive-in nut on the back of the hole and screw the bolt in using an allen key, then screw the wood screw through the smaller hole to secure.

Made from hard wearing material - so will look good even after being out in the rain.

Includes galvanised steel bolts which will not easily rust.

The included fixings screw the climbing footholds on in two places, preventing them from spinning when in use.

Available in a variety of different colours - so you can mix and match packs for a more multi-coloured effect.
5 x Poly-Resin Climbing Stones - Green
5 x Hexagonal Socket Head Cap Screws
5 x Drive-in Nuts
5 x Wood Screws