Baby Swing Seat Blue/red

Baby Swing Seat Blue

Baby Swing Seat Blue/red image
Baby Swing Seat Blue
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Baby Swing Seat
The Baby Swing Seat in blue and red gives your little one a comfy and safe way to swing on your swing frame or tree (tree swing conversion ropes available separately in order to hang safely on a tree). The swing seat features a high back, a safety strap to go around the middle of your child and a click release system to help you get your child in and out of the seat easily. The swing seat height can be adjusted using the galvanised steel adjusters and will hang from you swing set or tree swing ropes on the solid galvanised steel rings. All you require is a carabiner style clip to attach this onto your swing frame (carabiner clips are included on tree swing conversion ropes).
What's in the Box
Moulded Plastic Seat with Safety Strap.
Swing rings and fasteners (known as 'eights') made in Galvanised Steel.
Polyproylene (PP) Rope.
Black Plastic (Polypropylene) Welds on ropes.