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Handgrips for Climbing Frames

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Handgrips for Climbing Frames
This set of two plastic handgrips are perfect for securing onto your wooden climbing frame, to provide a safe and secure support for the children while they play. The handles help the children to pull themselves up onto the climbing frame, and are particularly ideal for very small children who may find some of the climbing frame activities more challenging.

These handles can be positioned above climbing rungs, or a ladder, enabling the children to pull themselves up safely. The handgrips can be placed before the slide, providing support for the little ones while they place themselves onto the slide, ready for a safe glide down to ground level!

The Plastic Hand Grips come with all necessary screws, washers and bolt covers, enabling you to easily attach the hand grips onto any wooden frame. The bolt covers make them look more attractive on your play equipment preventing the ugly bolt heads from showing.
Why Buy
Easy to install and extremely economical.
Make your play equipment safer and easier to use - especially for the little ones.
Can be used almost anywhere - a useful addition to any play equipment.
2 x Plastic Handgrips
4 x Galvanised hexagononal wood screws (6 x 40mm)
4 x Washers and coloured bolt covers