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Monmouth Monkey
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Monkey Climbing Frame
Our Monkey Climbing Frame has been designed with pure climbing in mind. If your child loves to do what monkeys do best, then this is the frame for them. Including the classic Monmouth tower, with wide platform and slide for that quick escape, this piece of equipment has monkey bars, a commando net and even a climbing wall for endless hours of climbing fun. The Monmouth Monkey is also great for a smaller garden and can even be used to swing on as various swings can be attached - we have included a pine wood swing seat to get you started. The set includes two sets of galvanised steel swing hangers so you can attach two swings to it safely.
Remember - you can move items like the slide, climbing wall and climbing net to different positions around the tower, so you could make it much longer and thinner to suit your space. If you are not sure, talk to us and we can help you design the best layout for your frame.
Wooden Tower - 90cm (3ft) x 120cm (4ft)
Wooden Roof for the Tower - highest point being 3.06m
Wooden Platform - 90cm (3ft) x 120cm (4ft), 1.5m high
Heavy Duty Wavy Water Slide - 3m (10ft) Dark Green (other colours available, just ask)
Wooden Access Ladders with rungs (for the tower and monkey bars)
Commando Climbing Net - approx. 1m (w) x 3m (h)
Monmouth Monkey Bars (with two sets of swing hangers)
One Adjustable Pine Wood Swing Seat
Climbing Wall (inclined) 90cm width with multi-colour rock climbing footholds & red grab handles
Wooden Balustrades for two 60cm & one 90cm side (59.5cm high)
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