Single Climbing Frame

Single Climbing Frame for children

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Monmouth Single Climbing Frame
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Single Climbing Frame
Our Single Climbing Frame has been specially designed for a wide age range for easy access and use by the smallest children, whilst still providing a lot of fun for slightly older child. This climbing frame has a swing arm with two swings and a climbing rope attached, a slide, staircase and even a commando climbing net for all those little monkeys out there! This really is a great all rounder, with a reasonable price to match. We know the Monmouth will give your whole family a lot of fun for many years to come.
Wooden Tower - 90cm (3ft) x 120cm (4ft)
Wooden Roof for the Tower - highest point being 3.06m
Wooden Platform - 90cm (3ft) x 120cm (4ft), 1.5m high
Heavy Duty Wavy Water Slide - 3m (10ft) Dark Green (other colours available, just ask)
Wooden Access Ladder & Staircase
Wooden Double Swing Arm
2 Adjustable Pine Wood Swing Seats
Commando Climbing Net - approx. 1m (w) x 3m (h)
Wooden Sandpit with four corner seats
Wooden Balustrades for two 60cm sides (59.5cm high)
Wooden Balustrades for one 90cm side (59.5cm high)
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