Poppy Cottage

Poppy Cottage

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Poppy Cottage

Total price (including tax): £851.00
All prices are inclusive of VAT.

The Poppy Cottage is a large double storey house. With its large ground level and double windows this building is ideal for the larger garden. The building will be manufactured using our 16mm loglap tongue and grove cladding.

 A veranda can be added to this playhouse.

Our 16mm loglap range comes with heavy duty framework. The door is ledged and braced giving strength, and all our buildings are supplied with mineral felt. All playhouses are fitted with Perspex sheeting in the windows.

All our playhouses come with a tanalised pressure treatment finish and not as an optional extra.

Please note all of our buildings are manufactured from tongue and grove cladding. We ensure our buildings are fully tongue and grove throughout, including the roof and floor.  We do not use OSB (chipboard) in our buildings. 

Key Features

  • 16mm Loglap Cladding 
  • 4 Pane Windows
  • Double 4 Pane Window Bank 
  • 2 Storey 
  • Free Window Boxes & Shutters
  • Galvanised Fixings 
  • Perspex in Windows