Security Shed Apex Roof

Security Sheds with Apex Roofs...constructed strong & secure

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Security Shed Apex Roof

Total price (including tax): £597.00
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Security Shed
Our secure sheds are made as safe & solid as we are able to construct. The windows are shallower and the fittings are stronger than our standard garden shed range.

Security Sheds are Ideal for heavy duty storage
These security sheds are more secure versions of the standard shed range. They have more of the 38mm x 50mm planed extra framework fitted to increase the strength. The smaller windows reduce the chance of unauthorised access to your goods! A bolted, heavy duty cast iron Hasp & Staple lock is used to add extra security to this range of sheds.

To protect your new shed this product comes tanalised as standard. Very little maintanance if any is required to preserve the life of the building.

Comes with Heavy Duty Fittings.
Frame planed 65mmx33mm or similar
Cladding- 17mm Tongue and Groove 
Tongue and Groove - floor and roof
Gables available up to 12' Wide
Security Door with security hinges and padlock protector
Security Window
Dipped Treatment
Felt Roof

Options Available
3" x 2" Framing
Ex 25mm Loglap (approx 21-22mm)
Pressure Treatment
Extra Height
Extra windows and doors
Other  Roofing Options
Made to measure
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