The Potting Shed T&G Loglap

The Potting Shed - T&G Loglap

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The Potting Shed

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Potting Shed - T&G Loglap
Greenhouses are great for growing and housing plants, but where to keep those valuable gardening tools? The Potting shed provides the ideal solution for the avid gardener, offering the perfect growing conditions for seeds and cuttings along with excellent storage. The large glass windows allow for maximum light while the internal bench running the length of the shed provides a great place to keep all those plants and cuttings. This quality built potting shed also features an opening window as standard ensuring good ventilation.

This Potting shed is built with strength in mind. The shed is constructed with Heavy Duty 16mm finish Log Lap T&G cladding and our thick 63x32mm Heavy Duty Framing, which makes a strong, ridgid and robust building, ideal for all your gardening requirements. The shed door is ledged and braced and has strong Hinges for additional security. This Pent style roof is supplied with strong 40kg Green Mineral felt for additional protection. The floor and roof are also constructed with T&G cladding,not the cheaper OSB Board. Be aware that many competitors advertise T&G Sheds but many of them have cheap OSB Board on the floor and roof.

To protect your new shed this product comes tanalised as standard. Very little maintanance if any is required to preserve the life of the building.

Once the shed is pressure treated, very little mainatnance if any is needed to preserve the life of the building,however we do recommend a water repellant is applied once the building is fitted as a one off application.
Key Features
Superior 16mm finish Log Lap Cladding
Heavy Duty framing
Galvanised Hinges
Heavy Duty 40kg Green Mineral Felt
Heavy Duty Staging
Larger Fixed Windows To Front